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Alpacas near Denver

Do you need a break from your hectic city lifestyle? Maybe you've considered moving to the country where you can begin to have a more relaxed and back to nature lifestyle. If you've considered animals in your plan, then you need to take a good look at alpacas.  Alpacas are probably one of the best farm animals you could have because they are easy on pastures, eat less hay than horses, are darn cute and give you beautiful fleece every year at shearing.  If you'd like a new business opportunity, the alpaca business has many areas where you can generate an income; breeding, selling, boarding other owners alpacas, selling fleece and finished products, etc.

We have been breeding Huacaya Alpacas (teddy bear looking) since 2004 on our 14 acre farm located 6 miles Northwest of Elizabeth, Colorado.  We maintain a small herd (30+/-),  of beautiful, healthy alpacas.  We annually birth 2 to 8 crias (babies) and will sell them as adults after they have been halter/lead trained, and have attended and competed in several years of shows.  The adult alpacas when sold go to new owners well trained and ready to breed (or already bred), or to be a good fiber quality pet if the new owner so desires.  Remaining a small breeder allows us to be very hands on with all of our alpacas, touching them daily and feeding individually so we know just how much feed and minerals they each get.  They also have excellent quality hay free choice 24 hours a day.

We also agist (board) alpacas for new owners who purchase alpacas, but either haven't moved to the country yet, or haven't gotten their barns and fencing ready.  We like to agist alpacas for new owners so we can help them learn about all matters of alpaca care, feeding, training, and even showing - before they go to their new home.  All agisted alpacas are treated as if they are our own.  Our location just 10 miles from Parker is close enough to Denver that new owners find it to be an easy drive out to see and care for their alpacas (if they choose to).  We care about all of the alpacas raised on our ranch and want new owners to be comfortable with all aspects of alpaca ownership when they take the alpacas home. For owners with only a few alpacas (or even a lot), we invite them to bring the alpacas back for shearing each year in May. We have herd health days and invite new owners back to participate in vaccinations and other general maintenance activities. 

We are active in our local organization, Alpaca Breeders of the Rockies, and volunteer to help with the largest show in the US, the Great Western Alpaca Show that is held in Denver, Colorado in May. Sally has been the Coordinator of the Spin-Off and Jerry is the Traffic Coordinator for the last 10+ years. We also show alpacas at GWAS, as well as travel to Texas, Kansas and Minnesota for other alpaca shows. We love to show our alpacas and have always done well, usually taking home a ribbon in their color class. Since we actively show our alpacas, we also are very knowledgeable in the ins and outs of showing and know the best ways to present our alpacas to the judges in the ring, and will, of course, teach this to our clients. 

Our location between Parker and Elizabeth is close enough to Denver that anyone who wants to see alpacas near Denver will have a very easy drive.  Contact us today to schedule your visit to our farm and meet our alpacas. You will be glad you visited!
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